Choosing UK office furniture: the chair

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Choosing an office seating depends on several factors, depending on who uses the chair for what purposes. UK office furniture suppliers make chairs based on these factors. Chairs for clerks, for example, are designed for those who spend long periods sitting in front of a computer. These chairs would have different design requirements from chairs for the conference room. Clerks need to stretch, reach out and stand about from time to time. They also need to move their chairs around as needed. Consequently, clerk chairs need to be moved about easily and they need to prevent pains and injuries due to sitting for long periods in the same position.

Conference room chairs, on the other hand, are used by people for several hours so comfort is also to be considered but conference room chairs are not used as often as clerk chairs—nor are they required to be moved about the conference room. This affects the choice of materials and dimensions for conference room chairs.

Another consideration for choosing office chairs is the measurements of the building and the number of people who will be using the chairs. If the building is non-standard, and if you have the time and budget, the dimensions of the chairs can be made to suit the dimensions of the building without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

The art of making chairs efficient, comfortable and healthy in the long-run is called ‘ergonomics’. At Rio Designs, we take ergonomics seriously in recommending or building orders for office seating. We consider the relationship of the chairs to people and the building as a whole and put all our in-depth knowledge and experience into coming up with appropriate results. This will turn out chairs that consider the people who will be sitting on them and the building the chairs will be in. You’ll get chairs that are modern and beautiful to look at with only the necessary parts and adjustments needed to maintain comfort and body health. These will also look good in the rooms they were intended for.

Not only will these chairs look good, but they will also be cost-effective. We strive to maintain a balance between comfort, space efficiency and cost. The good looks are a bonus—they result from making sure the chairs are efficient, comfortable and affordable. They will be lean, light—a delight to work in. Now that’s a commonsense take on UK office furniture.

Use office space better with fitted office furniture

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When furnishing a new office (or even refurnishing an old one), you have two choices: Off-the–shelf furniture and fitted office furniture. While getting off-the–shelf furniture doesn’t take as long as choosing fitted office furniture, the latter are more often suited to meet the requirements of your office.

Fitted office furniture are a kind of bespoke furniture tailor-made to the size of of your office so they can maximise the use of space, a plus in offices where optimum use of scarce resources is a prime consideration. Fitted office furniture are not only designed to be more space efficient, they are also crafted to complement how the office staff utilise the office environment.

But designing fitted office furniture is more time-consuming because your furniture suppliers have to get there at the office, make measurements, observe how the people work, consult with you and develop the right office furniture design based on the data obtained. But ultimately, the results are worth it — you are guaranteed furniture that best fit your office at the price you can afford.

There are several considerations in designing fitted office furniture. These will influence the style and choice of materials of your furniture — including the decor. One is the character of the company. Is it a bleeding-edge outfit that requires the best contemporary fitted furniture? Does it project a futuristic feel, or does it tend towards the traditional? Contrasting or coordinated?

Another consideration is who will use the furniture in what office room? A reception room needs to project the company image more than any other. Reception desks should also be strategically designed and placed so they show off the best qualities of the room and take advantage of office traffic. Shelves and furniture drawer designs will also vary between a room for clerks and a room full of architects. Similarly a boardroom will have different needs from a sound recording room.

Talk to an office fitting expert. They will be glad to help you. Derrick Dickinson, owner of Rio Designs for example, says his firm has been doing detailed office space planning — evaluating, recommending or designing furniture to suit available space on clients’ sites for 30 years.

Next time you are faced with the question of furnishing an office, consider fitted office furniture. They give you the most satisfaction for your budget.

Getting the best out of serviced offices

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Serviced offices are one of the most cost-effective options available when setting up an office for the first time, or establishing a presence in a new area. Huge startup costs are practically zero, offices can be arranged at short notice, plus, you can use them for short-term projects or decide to make them the home for your business. The terms are very attractive. The ‘plug and play’ character of serviced offices, usually complete with administrative and maintenance staff, telephone, Internet and IT, is also one of their main selling points.

Consequently, many companies increasingly opt to rent serviced offices, avoiding the hassles of conventional offices. With increased demand came more serviced offices offered on the market. There are more than two hundred service office providers in London alone.

This has increasingly led to many serviced offices with a “generic, unbranded impression”. Fortunately, some serviced office operators aim to build offices that are distinct from the rest — serviced offices that have just the right touch of furniture and other furnishings to provide the character over which a client can exclaim “that’s us.”

Building serviced offices with the right looks demands excellent office space planning — factoring in desk sizes, ergonomic seating, reception seating and desks, and meeting room facilities and conference rooms. This also demands the best suppliers who can meet the exacting demands of serviced office operators.

Rio Designs is one such supplier, having provided expert independent advice and solutions for commercial furniture and interiors for thirty years. Everything is based on their famous principle of ‘Best Practice Supply’, from the initial consultation and space planning and discussing the desired office look and feel, to the delivery and assembly of the office furniture. Rio Designs will also constantly communicate with you, updating the progress of every item ordered. In short, Rio Designs matches the people and furniture to the building, rather than simply looking at the building layout and filling it with furniture. This results in the best furniture and interiors supplied based on how the clients work, the cost of ownership, and the image desired — a holistic approach that results in serviced offices that are extraordinary.

Maximising productivity with bespoke office furniture

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Choosing office furniture has always been a juggling act between space efficiency, cost and productivity—one has to consider the number of people going to use the office space, the cost acquiring the furniture and whether the furniture will allow the workers to be more productive. Bespoke office furniture is the answer because, with the office’s needs, standard furniture simply won’t do.

Consider the amount of space and the distance between people and furniture they often need access to. People too far apart from file storage cabinets results in time lost. Too close, and they might not have enough space to move around. The size and design of office furniture should factor this in.

In considering cost, the order must be within budget, but never skimp on materials and design—get the best that your budget and needs can afford. There might be hidden costs when you buy used or sub-par furniture. It might come later in the form of heavy repair and maintenance costs.

Then there’s productivity. Many think that a clean desk, free of personal touches, can make people more productive. This is not true in real life—in order for people to be productive, they have to feel comfortable. Your bespoke office furniture should make people comfortable, they must be allowed to put in (easy to remove) personal touches. Still this is hard to achieve when more and more offices subscribe to the modern idea of ‘club’ spaces—there’s no permanent cubicle or desk for anyone. All their work is in the network cloud. In this case, the only workspace they can personalise is what they see on their computer screens—electronic sticky notes, wallpaper, the arrangement of windows when they log in—they must be allowed to tweak (and save) their e-desktop. Sadly, not many companies allow this.

Part of productivity is health. People sometimes need to stretch or stand or walk about (to jog up their circulation)—factor in people’s need for movement when opting to go for bespoke office furniture. Some people might need to lean on the desk or chair to do push-ups. Make sure office furniture can handle the added force. And don’t forget designs that aid people achieve proper posture.

Lastly, consider the presence of natural light. Not everyone has offices with desks near the window or lightwells. If you do have an office like that, try putting in translucent parts to your bespoke furniture so they let in part of the natural light and at the same time allowing for some privacy. The purpose of letting in natural light is the proven benefit of ‘letting nature in’. This is why also consider furniture that can accommodate plants.