The Pitfalls Of Buying Used Office Furniture

In these difficult trading conditions and an uncertain market, many companies looking to upgrade their offices choose used furniture over new in the belief this will save them money.

However, in the experience of the team here at Rio Designs, many firms trying to save money this way often find it wasn’t so much of a bargain after all.

Firstly, there’s the cost of transporting and assembling those discounted second-hand tables and chairs – something that can prove an unwelcome expense.

Secondly, while the furniture may look sturdy and durable, there’s no way of knowing whether these used items will stand the test of time.

With new furniture, fitted by the specialist team at Rio, companies can be rest assured they’re getting a high quality product assembled according to strict guidelines – there’s often no such guarantee with used office furniture.

And, there’s the wellbeing of employees to consider – is that second-hand chair really designed for the many hours office workers now spend at their desks?

With many health experts warning about the dangers of providing unsuitable office furniture, the possible risks of buying previously-owned desks and chairs could result in other hidden costs.

Happily, getting new furniture installed in your office is nowhere near as expensive as you might think – often not much more than buying used. And, with a wide range of finance options available to suit all budgets, companies and their employees can enjoy the benefits of a stylish new workplace without worrying about the history of its furniture.

And that might well be a worthwhile investment without unexpected expense.

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