Choosing UK office furniture: the chair

Choosing an office seating depends on several factors, depending on who uses the chair for what purposes. UK office furniture suppliers make chairs based on these factors. Chairs for clerks, for example, are designed for those who spend long periods sitting in front of a computer. These chairs would have different design requirements from chairs for the conference room. Clerks need to stretch, reach out and stand about from time to time. They also need to move their chairs around as needed. Consequently, clerk chairs need to be moved about easily and they need to prevent pains and injuries due to sitting for long periods in the same position.

Conference room chairs, on the other hand, are used by people for several hours so comfort is also to be considered but conference room chairs are not used as often as clerk chairs—nor are they required to be moved about the conference room. This affects the choice of materials and dimensions for conference room chairs.

Another consideration for choosing office chairs is the measurements of the building and the number of people who will be using the chairs. If the building is non-standard, and if you have the time and budget, the dimensions of the chairs can be made to suit the dimensions of the building without sacrificing comfort and efficiency.

The art of making chairs efficient, comfortable and healthy in the long-run is called ‘ergonomics’. At Rio Designs, we take ergonomics seriously in recommending or building orders for office seating. We consider the relationship of the chairs to people and the building as a whole and put all our in-depth knowledge and experience into coming up with appropriate results. This will turn out chairs that consider the people who will be sitting on them and the building the chairs will be in. You’ll get chairs that are modern and beautiful to look at with only the necessary parts and adjustments needed to maintain comfort and body health. These will also look good in the rooms they were intended for.

Not only will these chairs look good, but they will also be cost-effective. We strive to maintain a balance between comfort, space efficiency and cost. The good looks are a bonus—they result from making sure the chairs are efficient, comfortable and affordable. They will be lean, light—a delight to work in. Now that’s a commonsense take on UK office furniture.

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