Getting the best out of serviced offices

Serviced offices are one of the most cost-effective options available when setting up an office for the first time, or establishing a presence in a new area. Huge startup costs are practically zero, offices can be arranged at short notice, plus, you can use them for short-term projects or decide to make them the home for your business. The terms are very attractive. The ‘plug and play’ character of serviced offices, usually complete with administrative and maintenance staff, telephone, Internet and IT, is also one of their main selling points.

Consequently, many companies increasingly opt to rent serviced offices, avoiding the hassles of conventional offices. With increased demand came more serviced offices offered on the market. There are more than two hundred service office providers in London alone.

This has increasingly led to many serviced offices with a “generic, unbranded impression”. Fortunately, some serviced office operators aim to build offices that are distinct from the rest — serviced offices that have just the right touch of furniture and other furnishings to provide the character over which a client can exclaim “that’s us.”

Building serviced offices with the right looks demands excellent office space planning — factoring in desk sizes, ergonomic seating, reception seating and desks, and meeting room facilities and conference rooms. This also demands the best suppliers who can meet the exacting demands of serviced office operators.

Rio Designs is one such supplier, having provided expert independent advice and solutions for commercial furniture and interiors for thirty years. Everything is based on their famous principle of ‘Best Practice Supply’, from the initial consultation and space planning and discussing the desired office look and feel, to the delivery and assembly of the office furniture. Rio Designs will also constantly communicate with you, updating the progress of every item ordered. In short, Rio Designs matches the people and furniture to the building, rather than simply looking at the building layout and filling it with furniture. This results in the best furniture and interiors supplied based on how the clients work, the cost of ownership, and the image desired — a holistic approach that results in serviced offices that are extraordinary.

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