Modern office furniture should be comfortable

They say sex sells. But what sort of sensuous modern office furniture is appropriate for an office? Come to think of it, why would one be in an office? For one thing, it’s probably more expensive than ordinary office furniture — nope, the cheapest 3-seater sofa at the Best Buy section of Harveys UK is £399 while a comparable model that can seat 3 at Liberator’s is £216 if you convert the dollars (their most expensive model is around £305).

Kidding aside, the question is valid. What does modern office furniture and sex have in common? Comfort is the answer. Comfortable modern office furniture is a premium for people so they can be more productive at their work. When looking for comfortable furniture design, one might as well find inspiration from ‘pleasurable furniture’ makers — it’s their job to see to it that the sitter is comfortable indeed.

We don’t need to copy. The most specialised ‘special’ furniture would make a lousy desk chair — although it would make a very very cozy waiting room piece indeed. Just the touches that would spell the difference between the ordinary and the remarkable could be put to use in modern office furniture. What are those?

One is the generous use of curves and softness that complement the human body. Many ergonomic office desk chairs are already curvy but most of their armrests are hard. Cushioned armrests are a nice touch. Another useful touch is the upholstery. Many office desk chairs are upholstered in fiber mesh, fake leather, metal and plastic. How about covering the seats, armrests, and table parts with soft microfibre? Many office desks can also use the added comfort.

Another is modularity and versatility. To be cost-effective, modern office furniture should not be too specialised they can only be used in a single context. Office furniture should be able to fit in the boardroom as well as in the ordinary cubicle. They should be easy enough to lift (when it comes to moving offices), stackable if possible, and, if they are chairs, can be placed next to each other to make a larger seating.

These are just a few of the ideas we can apply to furniture design to make ordinary furniture stand out, and make the users feel their needs are cared for. At Rio Designs, we not only bear the modern office furniture users’ health in mind, we also prioritise their comfort too. That’s why we comb other fields for good, comfortable ideas.

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