Which Office Chair?

Lets face it, probably the most important piece of office furniture that a business should not underestimate is the Office Chair.  Most Office workers spend a significant amount of time seated at their desks, and understandably, the quality of the office chair should be well considered in the ordering process.

To view a selection of the office chairs we recommend, here is a picture gallery. If you do not see what you want, please contact us, we can probably help you.

The effects of poor quality office chairs can have long term effects on your work teams  that’s why Rio Designs offer an extensive range of quality office chairs that not only look great in most office environments, but are also ergonimcally correct for complete comfort.

Office seating can be chosen from many designs, colours and functionality, and those all important executive chairs.

We take seating very seriously – yes, we can supply just about anything you want or need. But, as with your furniture requirements, we take an objective view and can make product recommendations based on a number of factors:

  • What is the function and status of the user?
  • Will they mainly be inputting at a computer keyboard?
  • Will they spend their time talking and listening?
  • How much time will the user be static for?

For instance a data entry clerk will have very different seating requirement from a Personnel Manager.

Besides the primarily important Health and Safety issues associated with seating, we  understand that good choice of seating can markedly affect staff performance and that subjective factors come into play – so we can supply a vast range of seating in attractive but durable finishes.

Rio designs work closely to your budgets, and offer a variety of payment options that give you control and flexibility.