More Storage Space

Keeping your office space clear and tidy is a great way to ensure that you keep on top of your workload and therefore reduce stress. A clean and tidy working environment is very important these days and the best way to ensure that it stays that way is to use office storage items on a regular basis.

To view a selection of the various types of office storage we recommend, here is a picture gallery. If you do not see what you want, please contact us, we can probably help you.

It’s always a  good idea to find office storage that fits well in your office and of course is practical.  Our extensive range of office storage solutions can provide your office with efficiency and of course create the look you desire.

Even with increased digitally-stored information, Rio Designs recognise the critical importance of documentation storage, its accessibility and security.

We provide storage products for a variety of purposes; for personal use – from under desk pedestals to freestanding cupboards in a variety of finishes for departmental use, taller groupable storage for company access  and central storage solutions with access for all. Additionally – craftsman built bespoke storage and media walls are increasingly popular as they not only provide high density storage, but enhance workspaces. These are available in a variety of beautiful finishes.

Rio Designs assess risk factors in storage – in critical emergencies, can those that need to have access to vital documents safely recover them without risk to themselves? We have 30 years experience of designing storage solutions that fit the practical and budgetary considerations of national organisations and small businesses

Our showroom shows you what is available