Break Out

Time to break out of the office! With people working longer hours in the work place, and spending more time in the office, companies are recognising this and realising the importance of ‘breakout areas’ not only to relax in but also to brainstorm various concepts and projects.

To view a selection of the reception and breakout furniture we recommend, here is a picture gallery. If you do not see what you want, please contact us, we can probably help you.

Trends vary, depending on the space planning of an area and of course the size of the office.  This is a key area we specialise in and can offer unbiased advice to you and your business. As more businesses  work on remote business parks, some companies offer restaurant facilities, on site bistro’s and areas just to breakaway to.  Here is a selection of previous projects, you can of course contact us for further information and visit our virtual showroom.