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Following on from a recent discussion on Linked In we have discussed how serviced offices and business centres can create a secure and different shared office environment for small businesses and companies that can also privacy.

Companies like Regus and Workspace have successfully set up ‘Business Lounges’ to offer this service, and now It is the opportunity for the smaller operator to start one too.

So in light of this, we have been researching office furniture that can provide an area for breaking away from the desk area to have a private telephone conversation, called a privacy booth.

We would like to share with you these amazing new pieces of furniture we have sourced from Finland and unique they are. You are not going to find many privacy booths like these.

Their latest products The Box Lounger and The Box Sofa

were launched in March 2011 during the Stockholm International Furniture Fair and these privacy products gained a lot of positive feedback. They only use high quality subcontractors in Finland and Estonia for production, the same subcontractors as many of the big contract furniture suppliers in Finland use.

Let us know your thoughts, we like them :-)

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