Space Planning

“Planning can provide the same benefits as moving – but without the cost.”

Is Your Office A Little Too Crammed?

Office space is an expensive and scarce resource, especially during change; making the best use of space can be a key element to your success. Professional space utilisation input positively affects premises reviews, company re-structuring and furniture purchasing decisions.

Once we have together determined the staff and organisational requirements for your office furnishing and interiors, Rio Designs evaluate and recommend or design product to suit available space; but using available space with products in situ requires detailed space planning – a core service that we have provided for 30 years. From optimum desk configuration to high density storage solutions, Rio Designs can help you implement the most effective use of space.

Besides the practical considerations, we always look at how staff – your most valuable commodity – react to and use their environments. It is commonly acknowledged that in an era of low unemployment, staff retention is a concern for all employers; so providing the right environment for staff to work happily and effectively is key. It is generally best achieved by a combination of the practical and aesthetic. Rio Designs are experts at helping you achieve this within your office furniture budget.