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Choosing UK office furniture: the chair

Posted ago by biztech

Choosing an office seating depends on several factors, depending on who uses the chair for what purposes. UK office furniture suppliers make chairs based on these factors. Chairs for clerks, for example, are designed for those who spend long periods …

Use office space better with fitted office furniture

Posted ago by biztech

When furnishing a new office (or even refurnishing an old one), you have two choices: Off-the–shelf furniture and fitted office furniture. While getting off-the–shelf furniture doesn’t take as long as choosing fitted office furniture, the latter are more often suited …

Does it matter what office chairs your employees sit on?

Posted ago by admin

How do ergonomic office chairs and designer desks help run a successful office-based business? Skilled Employees and technical ability springs to mind first and foremost.  Obviously good management too will be an integral part of your business success. However, one …