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Used office furniture hunting — count the costs

Posted ago by biztech

Used office furniture are the way to go if you’re just starting with a business that requires an office and you don’t want to have your start up costs getting too high. In the UK (as is elsewhere), there are …

Use office space better with fitted office furniture

Posted ago by biztech

When furnishing a new office (or even refurnishing an old one), you have two choices: Off-the–shelf furniture and fitted office furniture. While getting off-the–shelf furniture doesn’t take as long as choosing fitted office furniture, the latter are more often suited …

Cheap Office Furniture vs New Office Furniture

Posted ago by admin

Buying Office Furniture Everyone knows that setting up a business doesn’t come cheap.  But just because you’ve spent thousands just to start your business up, doesn’t mean you can now overlook your decor and office furniture. In the business world, …