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Desking, storage, and seating requirements for flexible office space is different from a conventional office environment and we provide advice based on 30 years’ experience supporting companies within this market.


By investing our efforts into sourcing quality products for our flexible office customers across the UK and Europe; we ensure our range caters for every need with delivery & installation services to match. 

Office Furniture

Flexible Office Furniture and Storage

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Space Planning

Comprehensive CAD drawings to assist space planning, furniture choice and seating schemes.



Wide range of Desking, Storage, and Seating solutions to suit modern flexible office spaces.



Supervised Delivery, Assembly, Placement as CAD plan, removal and disposal of all packaging


Flexible Desking Collection

Introducing our RIOALTO desk range

Flexibility, modularity and cross-functionality are currently essential in shared workspaces. Designed and intended for collaborative working, RioAlto is a contemporary, innovating and flexible furniture program, perfectly adapted for flex offices, coworking and home offices.


Comfortable and practical, RioAlto offers numerous ergonomic solutions for users and adapts to all living spaces at work, thanks to its numerous advantages : fine and sleek look with its « A » arch legs, ergonomic tops with rounded corners and built-in cable management, 2 work or meeting top heights (75 or 105 cm) for greater comfort, scalable configurations based on the starter/add-on principle and innovating proximity storage and connection solutions.

Single or shared desks, meeting or break out tables, divider screen panels for greater customisation and privacy, RioAlto allows you to assert your identity and your difference while respecting the criteria for a qualitative, well thought-out and affordable choice.

View our new 2022/23 Brochure HERE

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Office Seating Collection

It is important to choose the correct office chair. The right chair promotes good posture and comfort, enhances productivity and provides a happy and comfortable workforce. The average office chair can be in use for 1900 hours a year. Our selection of office seating ranges from operator, through to executive and posture seating.


Nobody wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair, especially uncomfortable task chairs, as they are designed to offer full support in all areas to those who use them. Our task chairs are designed to provide maximum daily support and make every day easy.


This section is for the hard workers, long shift doers and those needing a little more  support. These chairs are designed to be robust and provide you with all the strength and flexibility you need.


Need something special? You’ll find it here with models to add a touch of high end design to your office without compromising on comfort or style.

View a curated gallery of our 2022/23 Chairs HERE

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Steel Storage

A range of office steel storage solutions from Bisley and other well-known manufacturers.


Storage furniture featuring versatile filing cabinets, lockers, shelves and bookcases.

View a selection HERE

Wooden Storage

There’s always a reason for needing more storage and worktop space.


Our wooden storage has been designed quite simply to make organisation easy.

View a selection HERE

Soft Seating

Soft seating is the perfect way to create a collaborative and flexible working environment.

Armchairs in contemporary fabric finishes to working booths fitted with power modules.


View a selection HERE

Café & Dining

A stylish and alternative café & dining area can transform a working environment.


We have carefully selected these contemporary products with this in mind.

View a selection HERE



Free standing screens are important when it comes to office design. Our models, ensure personal space, privacy & safety whilst working alongside and opposite colleagues.

View a selection HERE


Great first impressions are essential, and nothing says welcome more than an open space with a contemporary reception unit.


With our modular units, space needn’t ever be an issue.

View a selection HERE


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